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This Scholarship was introduced in May 2002 with the hope of nurturing a group of professionals who are able to memorize Al-Quran. This programme is open to deserving students with excellent academic and co-curriculum results . In addition, the candidate should have the ability to go through the Tahfiz Certificate Course. Upon completion, these candidates can be attached to the specific institution of higher learning in their professional field.

This programme is a joint venture with Darul Quran and The International Islamic University. The students who are choosen will undergo a programme at Certificate Level known as the Tahfiz Al-Quran Certificate in Darul Quran before pursuing a degree course in selective and critical courses in IIUM.

Criteria To Apply

  1. Pahang citizen can be defined as:-
    1. Applicants or either parents born in the state of Pahang.

  2. Successfully passed the recital exam conducted by the Department of Islamic Quran Department.and Internationa Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM).

  3. Undergoing a professional course.

  4. Possesses strong character and integrity that is praiseworthy

  5. Has good health and is active in sports..

  6. Priority towards applicants:
    1. Science stream students from religious schools possessing excellent results in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
    2. Can memorize the Al-Quran well.
    3. Student should display enthusiasm and interest
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